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Greater Washington DC Area APA


$25.00 Entry Fee per Event 
APA Rules Apply
Must be on a current APA Team
Must have minimum 10 scores in your personal record
Play at your current APA Skill Level 
4 Trophies per event
HI SL no losses & HI SL 1 loss
LO SL no losses & LO SL 1 loss 
For more details about the Tour Stop Rules and Regulations, Click HERE 

January 9th - Revolution
February 6th - Triple 9's
March 27th - Bank Shot
April 10th - Triple 9's
May 1st - Revolution
June - No Tour Stop
July 24th - Bank Shot 
August 21st - Center Pocket
October 16th - Bank Shot
November 20th - Center Pocket
December 18th - Triple 9's
January 8th, 2022 - 2021Challenge of Champions - Bank Shot



 Click Here for January 2021 Results

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