History Of The APA


Larry "The Iceman" Hubbart and
               Terry "Texas Terry" Bell


In 1979, after several years on the professional circuit and with numerous titles under his belt, Terry "Texas Terry" Bell developed an idea for a centrally controlled nationwide amateur pool organization. He realized how popular billiards was becoming and knew that no organized system for recreational league play existed. So, amid much skepticism among professional players, Bell joined forces with Larry "The Iceman" Hubbart, who was also competing on the professional circuit. Together they founded the American Poolplayers Association, Inc. (APA) in 1981 to act as the sanctioning body of the League. Previously known as the American Pool League, Busch Pool League, Bud Light Pool League and the Camel Pool League, the APA now sanctions and oversees the APA 8-Ball League and APA 9-Ball League in the United States, the Canadian Pool League in Canada and the Japanese Pool League in Japan.

Based on their knowledge of the game, Bell and Hubbart developed a unique handicap system, The Equalizer®, to level the playing field in the League. The Equalizer® utilizes a formula that measures a scoring ability by counting the number of turns it takes a player to win a game. The result is a handicap that determines the number of games a player must win to capture a match. After the handicap system was developed, the APA was formed as the sanctioning body of the League.

Renee Lylehas held the position of APA President since April of 1995. As President, she has total responsibility for overseeing the daily operations and future growth of the League. A graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, Renee joined the APA in 1987, where she has held numerous levels of responsibility as Director of Franchise Services, Director of Marketing and Franchise Services and Vice President. She was appointed to her current position by former APA President Terry Bell, who stepped down to assume a position on the Board of Directors.

In February 1996, Renee became one of the first 20 people to complete the Certified Franchise Executive program conducted by the International Franchise Association. This designation is achieved by completing a total of 3,500 educational credits through the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives. Her name has been added to the official Honor Roll at the Franchise Educational Foundation in Washington, D.C.

In July 2001, she was elected to serve in the Billiard Congress of America's (Industry Trade Organization) Board of Directors.

In 2005, Renee introduced the "APA VISION and MISSION":

VISION - 1,000,000 Members in 2020!

MISSION - To create VERY satisfied and loyal Members, Teams and Host Locations who recommend us to others.


Earning and maintaining trust through honesty, integrity, respect and fairness.
A commitment to TEAM APA’s common vision, goals and objectives.
Striving for change that will help achieve our vision, both as individuals and a team.
Maintaining the best possible products in order to continue to be the industry leader.
Providing an environment for TEAM APA and its members that is fun, enjoyable and promotes camaraderie.

With her leadership and the efforts of the APA Staff in St. Louis, along with the efforts of the APA Network of League Operators across America, Canada and Japan, we are proud of our Vision and Mission and are confident that, by working together and staying focused, our goals will be reached.

The APA Nationally

Today the APA has grown to over 265,000 members. The league boasts more members than all other "national" leagues combined. APA Pool Leagues are administered locally by a network of Franchise Operators. These League Operators conduct weekly leagues in both 8-Ball and 9-Ball team formats. The APA currently has franchise opportunities available in other states for those who wish to be their own boss, and promote the sport of pool.

APA leagues play across the United States and in Canada. Teams compete weekly in 8-Ball and 9-Ball leagues with all teams having the opportunity to advance to the APA's National Team Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At the national level, the APA guarantees more than $1 Million in national tournament prize money. This consists of the $800,000+ APA National Team Championships, the $300,000 APA 8-Ball Classic, the $100,000 APA 9-Ball Shootout, and finally, the extremely popular APA MiniMania Tournaments, that paid out over $200,000 during the 2010 National Team Championships.

The APA also conducts the U.S. Amateur Championship, the world's most prestigious amateur tournament. It is the only tournament conducted by the APA that is open to members and non-members alike.

The APA in Southern Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia

Mike & Sarah Geiter and Dave & Vicki Beatty - League Operators since August 2015

Of the more than 250 APA Franchise areas in the US, the APA of Southern Maryland - Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia is currently the 3rd largest! With over 800 teams and over 6,000 active members competing weekly in APA Host Locations all across Maryland, DC and Virginia, our players have their choice of playing in amateur 8-Ball Leagues & 9-Ball Leagues, Ladies Only Leagues or 8-Ball and 9-Ball Doubles Leagues, each using the APA's Equalizer Handicap System where everyone has an equal chance to win. Another option recently implemented is the APA Masters Divisions. This is designed for the Best of the Best to compete on a weekly basis. There is No Handicap Limit and No Scorekeeping ~ play a "Quality Match" every week ... STACK YOUR LINE-UP WITH THE BEST PLAYERS. Then go to Las Vegas and compete against the best in the Country for the APA Masters Team Championship!

Teams consist of 5-8 players with a low weekly fee of $45 per team or $9/player plus a $25 annual APA membership fee. Teams either play in in-house leagues, where no travel is involved, or they compete in 1 of many, many travel divisions where the APA Host Locations are grouped geographically to minimize traveling distance. The year is divided into 3 sessions, with each session running between 13 and 17 weeks. Teams may play any day, Sunday through Friday in most areas, so it's easy to fit the APA into your schedule.

Note: Masters Teams ($30.00) and Doubles Teams ($24.00) each feature a 4-player roster.

The Local Southern Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia APA offers a $350,000.00 Local Prize Fund. This includes a $75,000.00 Tri-Annual Tournament held at the conclusion of every session and the annual $100,000.00 APA Las Vegas Qualifier Tournaments. Winning teams from the previous 3 Tri-Annuals compete for the right to represent our area at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas to compete in the APA's $800,000.00+ National Team Championships Event. We also offer player achievement patches and over $150,000.00 annually in trophies to our members.

Special Tournaments we offer to our players include:
Scheduled Monthly 8B & 9B Singles Qualifier Events;
8B and 9B Division Rep Appreciation Tournament;
8B and 9B MVP Tournaments Each session;
Jack 'n Jill 8B Doubles Tournaments -- winning team(s) go to Las Vegas;
8B Doubles and 9B Doubles .. winning teams go to Las Vegas;
8B Championship for our Wheelchair Players ... winners go to Las Vegas; and our
Monthly APA Amateur Tour Stops, culminating with an annual Challenge of Champions Tournament.

On APA League Night, forget about your day-to-day problems and leave them in the car when you park out front (they'll still be there when you return), forget about them for a few hours and enjoy your time with your friends and family of poolplayers!

When it's your turn to play...
Put your game face on ...
Rack 'em up ....
Have some fun the APA Way --

A Fun and Competive Pool Match!!